Painter, writer,
Gilles was born in Reims in 1949 and settled in Saint-Maur (Indre) in 1991, and in Nice (Alpes maritimes) in 2019.
Artist workflow
Sensitive, active but thoughtful, common characteristics-labelling would describe him as passionate. As Taurus he gets deeply involved in what he does but also likes to spend time alone - traits which fit perfectly his artistic creativity - although they might slow down his work being recognised.
Gilles is not ashamed to be an autodidact. His relentless to learn new skills can be seen as a mean to expand the boundaries of his work and creativity more than a formal academic pathway would have.
Neither pleasant nor descriptive, neither political nor witness, neither impressive not even ugly - these might be the right definition.
Nothing to do with anything, Gilles is probably any critic's worst nightmare: where is the focus, the message, the reference, the origin, the inspiration?
Nowhere, nada, and it's not even ugly. Negative or positive, truth, yin or yang - let's transform this sad appreciation into litotes!
Who could say that? Who will say that? And if it is true, is it really true?
He wants to find the one who will say so, who will tell him to go forward. However, nothing keeps Gilles happier than a strong well-articulated criticism, passionately negative - even  unfounded. The less someone loves his art, the more loving he becomes.
He paints for himself, intensely, selfishly; each brushstroke makes him content or scares him, reassures him or drives him crazy.
A collection of colours and forms, compositions decomposing, creating figures or disfiguring
Master of colours - and why not? Colour rules, the subject obeys to it like a child. Life, death, it's all an endless game, the expression of raw emotion, both violent and shy.
To cover the canvas, hide its white, its nudity, scared of emptiness. Reach the right balance, which reassures, calms or excites before giving it its true form, spaces, direction...and everything seems ti perfectly fit before the final touches and the artist's signature.
Gilles' recurring topics:
- Home, roofs that protect the foundations, stablise and link with the earth, contact with the sky and acts as a refuge to mankind
- Flowers, epitome of the fragility of life and its beauty
- Life
-  Belle-Isle Châteauroux du 7 et 8 Décembre 2013
- Les Hivernales de Montreuil 93100 du 6 au 11 Novembre 2013
-  GMAC Paris Bastille 31 Octobre au 4 Novembre 2013
- SMART  AIX Parc Jourdan Aix en Provence du 2 au 6 Mai 2013
- Mairie de Saint Maur (Indre) du 23 Novembre au 22 Décembre 2012
- Sainte Maure de Touraine (Indre et Loire) du 16 au 30 septembre 2012
- Château de Saint Jean de Blanc (Orléans) 6 au 16 Mai 2010
- Versailles , exposition école des beaux arts 12 Juin 2010
- Montréal , FIMA rue Ste Catherine, 8 au 11 Juillet 2010
- Sainte Maure de Touraine du 18/09 au 3/10/2010
- Campo Santo Orléans 9 et 10 Octobre 2010
- Galerie Espace 42 , rue des Celestins 75004 Paris du 26 au 28 Novembre 2010
- SIAC ,Parc Chanot MARSEILLE du 6 au 9 Mars 2009
- Remparts et chevalets, SAINT-MALO Espace Duguay Trouin du 3 au 5 Avril 2009
- Galerie Bouscayrol, 2, av. Reine Victoria BIARRITZ du 4 au 10 Mai 2009
- SMART AIX ,domaine de la Baume AIX en PROVENCE du 29 Mai au 1er Juin 2009
- CARROUSEL du LOUVRE, PARIS 6 et 7 Juin 2009
- Galerie des trois voutes, VAISON la ROMAINE du 13 au 27 Juillet 2009
- GMAC ,PARIS Bastille du 25 Octobre au 1er Novembre 2009
- Chapelle des Rédemptoristes, Châteauroux 21 et 22 Novembre 2009